Types of Organic and Natural Mattresses

Natural Latex Mattress: Many eco-friendly mattresses are made from natural latex foam, which is made from the sap of rubber trees. The most common types of latex used in organic and natural mattresses are Dunlop and Talalay. These mattresses are sometimes referred to as “rubber mattresses” since the material is derived from rubber trees.

Many mattress manufacturers highlight the differences between Dunlop and Talalay but they are really quite similar. The process of producing Dunlop latex is more simple and energy-efficient than Talalay. It produces a slightly springy and dense foam. Due to its denseness, Dunlop latex is quite durable and long-lasting. Talalay latex is bouncy and has a soft feel.

Spring Mattresses: People looking for the traditional feeling of a spring mattress can easily find one that is more eco-friendly than their conventional counterparts. Most natural and organic mattresses with springs contain layers of organic cotton and eco-friendly foams. Spring mattresses have the advantage of being some of the most economical organic mattress options available.

Natural Memory Foam: Hevea milk, the sap of a rubber tree, is used to create a foam that gives a warm, contouring feeling. Conventional memory foam beds are manufactured using polyurethane-based foams, which is a concern to consumers who want to purchase products made from sustainable sources. Natural memory foam is made from tree sap, a renewable resource.

Wool: Many natural and organic mattresses contain wool since it is a natural fiber with many environmental properties that are perfect for mattresses. Wool keeps warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also acts as a natural flame retardant and is waterproof.

Hybrid Foam: Some mattresses contain hybrid foams that are part plant-based foam but mostly polyurethane foam.

Polyfoams: Foams used in mattresses are often made from polyurethane, which is derived from non-renewable sources. While this may be a concern to many eco-minded consumers, it is possible to purchase a polyfoam mattress with low rates of off-gassing.