Which Mattress is Right For me?

People in search of a natural night’s sleep should identify their key priorities when deciding between their many options.

Are you:

Concerned about off-gassing and the air quality in your home?

Concerned about your mattress using only renewable resources in its construction?

Concerned about the use of chemical flame retardants on your mattress?

Concerned about the environmental footprint of the company that manufactures your mattress?

Looking for an organic product that is as close to nature as possible?

Concerned about sleeping on a mattress that exposes you to electromagnetic fields?

Looking for a hypoallergenic bed that will help with allergies?

Looking for the most economical option that still addresses key environmental concerns?

Looking for the most luxurious mattress available?

Looking for a natural mattress that addresses your favorite sleeping position?

Looking for a natural mattress based on how soft or firm it is?

Looking for an eco-friendly mattress that is customizable based on your unique needs?