My Green Partners

Sustainable Slumber is happy to introduce you to other people and organizations dedicated to wellness and healthy sleep. Visit their websites to learn more.

Brett’s Natural Health 
Organic millet hull pillows, natural orthotics, wooden body rollers, natural massage, yoga bolsters and more, visit Brett at

Earth Creations

Earth creations evolved from an ordinary bike ride that ended up with our clothes covered with red dirt. Despite many tumbles through the washing machine, our shirt, socks, and shoes remained stubbornly stained by that mud! Where most people saw ruined clothes, we saw potential. With a concern for the environment and a natural curiosity we began experimenting with the clay as a natural dye for T-shirts. That was over 20 years ago. From the first “Dirt Shirt” tinted with that infamous red clay, earth creations has now grown into a global distributor and manufacturer of a full line of eco-friendly, clay dyed clothing made from sustainable fibres such as organic cotton and hemp.